A Fashion Recap of COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland

November 04, 2021

A Fashion Recap of COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland


As climate leaders and organizers wrap up the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, we are left with the hope that the fashion industry can help contribute in reducing the industry's immense environmental impact to global CO2 emissions and environmental strain. 

A lot went down at COP26 but we wanted to highlight some particularly exciting highlights from the summit.

1. The COP shared a new draft of the Paris Agreement (here).

2. There is now an agreement to review emissions every five years.

3. Gabriela Hearst and Stella McCartney attended the summit on behalf of the global fashion community.

  • Stella McCartney met with Prince Charles, with a particular spotlight on alternative materials including Mycellium leather. While we don't totally agree on the stance of not using animal materials, as they can often last-longer, we are huge proponents to never using synthetics that cause a lifetime of damage.  
  • Gabriela Hearst, The Creative Director of her namesake brand, in-additon to Chloé encouraged designers to re-think inventory models and look to creating low-impact revenue models. Major props to Gabi for also leading the charge for Chloé being the first luxury fashion house to receive B-Corp certification.
  • Why We Agree: we love Gabriela's ethos as a designer as much like Georgie, she is committed to using what is available, as opposed to making new materials for the sake of consumerism. Gabriela has been a huge proponent of deadstock programs, looking to seasonal waste as a source of production (much like our deadstock program with Holland & Sherry).
  • Link to their COP26 discussion here.

4. They also agreed to extend the goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

5. It was announced that there will be a "zero-emission" future without fossil fuels by 2100.

Gabriela Hearst and Daniel Humm

(Gabriela Hearst with Eleven Madison Park's, Daniel Humm and artist, Dustin Yellin)

What GEORGIE stands for as we look to flip the script on the traditional system and what we believe in. 

1. Quality, we build clothes that are meant to last season after season, not discarded.

2. Use what we have, we source materials and fabrics from the earth in addition to fabrics that have already been produced, limiting the strain and carbon footprint of manufacturing. 

3. Look to nature, we firmly believe in the power of nature and source responsible natural fibers such as Merino wool, linen, cashmere from high-quality sources such as mill partner, Holland & Sherry.

(Some of our seasonal deadstock favorites).

4. Never discard, we find innovative ways to upcycle and use whatever waste we create. Did you see our bi-color patchwork shorts?

Bi-Color Georgie Shorts - Merino Wool

(Our Bi-Color GEORGIE shorts made from excess blue and black Merino wool fabric).







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