While we will never claim to be perfect, we commit to always being transparent. Manufacturing anything has an impact, but we are committed to constantly evolving and working with our supply chain to ensure we are using the most responsible fabrics, partners, transport and packaging possible. 

Mills and Partners

We’ve elected to work with heritage mills. Our two mill partners, Holland and Sherry and Doremiul are both centuries old fabric merchants who have meticulously vetted their supply chain, only working with the finest mills and growers.


We have elected to manufacture exclusively in New York City, which allows for minimal transport of sampling and quality control, fair wages for skilled tailors and sewers and supporting Made in USA. 


Our packaging is intentionally designed to be minimal with 100% recycled cardboard and using non-toxic, responsible algae dyes for any printing. 


While we realize that shipping carries a large carbon footprint, with every Georgie shipment we invest in carbon offsets to help with impact. For New York City deliveries, we provide a bike courier option, a transportation method with low emissions. 

We will always strive to evolve and do better.